Willamette Week Give!Guide

As you may have seen (if you follow us on social media, which you should - we're @marrowpdx on pretty much every platform):

Marrow made it into this year's Willamette Week Give!Guide!

The Give!Guide takes 150 of "Portland's most impactful nonprofits and put(s) them under one digital roof". We're alongside some other really rad youth focused organizations who we care deeply about - like Friends of Noise, Right Brain Initiative, Momentum Alliance, Latino Network, Open Signal, Q Center, and P:ear (we could keep naming more but the list would get long) - as well as some bigger, more established organizations such as Planned Parenthood.

We're only a few days post-launch as I write this, but Marrow is currently #3 (again, out of 150!) for most donors 35 and under. This is especially meaningful to us as an organization that is for and led by *this* generation.

(screenshot taken November 5th)

(screenshot taken November 5th)

WW-GiveGuide-06 (1).png

I (Daylynn here, Marrow's founder) was also nominated and was a finalist for the Skidmore Prize - which honors individuals 35 and under who've had a significant impact on the local nonprofit scene. So this is truly a big growth year for Marrow.

I hope that you will consider donating - whether you're 15 (like our youngest donor so far!), 35, 55 or 85 - because you remember what it was like to be a teenager, to dream big, and to feel crushed by the pressures of our culture.

At Marrow we strive to lift that weight - to allow any teen to follow their own passion, to create the community that THEY want for themselves, and to do so in an environment that is not only safe, but that works actively against the intersectional forms of oppression that they face.

Your $10 donation makes it possible for us to hold open mics and other events where we let teens in for free - because no one deserves to be punished or denied access because of their battle with a capitalistic society.

Your $50 donation allows us to run a workshop or class with this same mindset - that an eager learner shouldn't face payment as an obstacle to access opportunity.

As Willamette Week has pointed out, you can have an impact for the price of a burrito. We hope to see your name amongst our donors. Stay tuned for added incentives and events through November and December.

You can find Marrow's listing in the Give!Guide directly by clicking [HERE], or if you'd rather peruse the full site at giveguide.org, you'll find us in the "Creative Expression" category.

At the Give!Guide launch at White Owl!

At the Give!Guide launch at White Owl!