Two main segments of Marrow’s current programming are:


Youth Market PDX


Youth Market PDX builds space for young creators to share and sell their work.

Youth Market vending is open to creatives aged 10-24 who create goods (such as: original art, prints, photography, cds, mixtapes, zines, handmade books, poems, patches, pins, apparel, jewelry, home goods, etc), or who offer services (such as: tarot and astrological readings, live portraits, live poem-writing, etc)!

Youth Market PDX includes the permanent shop in Marrow's storefront in St Johns, as well as pop-up markets around Portland!



MIND & MOUTH is Marrow's writing and performance series, which includes a bi-monthly open mic and regularly occurring workshops that encourage content creation and using language to express your emotions.

Our first open mic was in June of 2017, and was many of our young performers first time reading or playing before an audience. Many of them now attend regularly!

Check our calendar for info about workshops and open mics!

Here’s (some!) of the other programming we’ve had since 2017!


  • Recipes for Resistance (a youth-led workshop on street art)

  • Let’s Get Dicey! (a youth-led intro to D&D and recurring campaign)

  • Gender & Orientation 101 for Youth (a youth-led orientation on identity)

  • Gender & Orientation 101 for Adults (a youth-led orientation on identity, for adults)

  • Intro to Podcasting (technical and fun-focused intro to making a podcast)

  • Mental Health First Aid (8hr training from the National Council of Behavioral Health)

  • Dream Stories (a zine workshop with artist Lindsay Anne Watson)

  • Wire Wrapped Crystals (a youth-led workshop on wire wrapping)

  • Songwriting and Looping (touring band-led workshop)

  • Beatboxing 101 (touring band-led workshop)

  • Character Design & Paper Dolls (a workshop with visiting Colombian artists Juan Diego & Adriana)

Art Exhibitions:

  • Don’t Worry About (Me) James Hatchett Jr.

  • Llorona’s Playground Llorona Luna

  • Marrow Tarot Large Group Show

  • Butterflies Collecting Seeds for Future Gardens Blaine E. Coppini & Jesse Narens

  • A Lullaby X. Pierce

Programming Partners:

Rewild Portland, Miss Anthology Comics, Queer & Trans Creator Camp (formerly Queer Rock Camp), Oregon Queer Youth Summit, Brown Girl Rise, Independent Publishing Resource Center, Portland Zine Symposium, Artist & Craftsman Supply, PDX Alliance for Self Care, Planned Parenthood Teen Council, YouthLine, Roosevelt High School, & more!

Live Music:

Kids’ Table, Zoli, ASCXNSION, [E]MPRESS, ThunderKid, My Parade, Shortline, Mic Capes, Karma Rivera, Lisa Vasquez, Swiggle Mandela, Glen Waco, The Eggboy, Davis Esther Rose, Saturn BC, Non-Binary Child, Dog Tooth and Nail, Quilla, sunbaby, Indira Valey, Core Demonstration, Language, $un, Pravda, Joey Batts, A Stick and a Stone, Folian, Anna Vo, Toño, Inian Moon, MaxiLLa and Malika Rose, Cloven Pink, Cave Cricket, The Groans, Body Academics, Dim Wit, Stoney Moaners, Wheelchair Sports Camp, Pussy Tuesday, Glen Parks, Tom from Myspace, Gentle Return, Milk Blossoms, Jahdi, AK Turner, T-Rextasy, RUUNE, Bijou Holiday, Chloe Huskey, Lily Potter, Catriona Johnston, New Moon, Slender Gems, Crooked Looks, Emma Lee Toyoda, Mira Death, Anime Creek, Sebastian Arrastia, Dreams, Dingbat Superminx, Dogcrush, Vern Fonk, Porter, Ludlow, Grey Matter, She/Her/Hers, & more!

Other Events:

  • Into Glow, Out of Gloom a performance by Handsome Devils Puppets

  • Swan of the Night Launch Party for designs by Cygnus Astrella

  • Annual “No-Thanks”giving Potluck

  • Dances and Halloween parties

  • Youth-organized Drag Shows