Enchanted Forest Adventure!

Enchanted Forest Adventure!

from 4.00

Marrow Enchanted Forest adventure!!
May 17th, meet AT the Enchanted Forest, at 10:30am!!!

The window to buy discounted entry has ended! You can still come along for the trip, you’ll just need to pay regular entry ($13.50) individually at the gates.

But you can still donate ride tickets for our sweet youth!!!

Select one of the donor options, and we’ll spend your $ on ride tickets for youth who can’t afford them! We can accept ticket donations until the morning of the 17th! :)

  • $4 Donation: Put one youth on the Big Timber Log Ride!

  • $8 Donation: Put two youth on the Ice Mountain Bobsleds!

  • $12 Donation: Send four youth through the haunted house!

  • $16 Donation: Send four youth through the Challenge of Mondor!

  • $20 Donation: We’ll send you some exclusive ride selfies!

Put those tickets in my cart!