Mission: "Marrow aims to empower teens to take ownership over their education, and to foster a community of youth who are visually, socially, and culturally literate."


What exactly IS Marrow?

Marrow is a youth-centered community space, with a focus on education, the arts, and activism. One way to describe the work we do is Creative Youth Development.

Marrow provides a safe environment for any young person to: 

  • Participate in workshops and courses. 
  • Use our drop-in hours to work independently, work with others, take advantage of Marrow's supplies and resources, or just hang out. 
  • Gain a leadership position through our membership program, building real world skills in a particular area of Marrow's operations. 
  • Connect with passionate, honest, rad adults through mentorship and advising.
  • Exhibit and sell work.

What is Creative Youth Development (CYD)?

CYD is “a recently (2014) coined term that organizes a longstanding community of practice that intentionally integrates the arts, sciences, and humanities with youth development principles, sparking young people’s creativity and building critical learning and life skills that carry into adulthood.” (via National Guild for Community Arts Education). 

The value of CYD as a field has been acknowledged by The President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities (under the Obama administration), Americans for the Arts, and the National Guild for Community Arts Education - who together with the Mass. Cultural Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding formalizing their joint commitment to advancing the field nationwide.

General contact: info@marrowpdx.org
Location: 7025 N. Lombard Street, Unit 100, Portland, OR 97203
Mailing address: Please inquire if needed.

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Marrow has been a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit since August 2016. Our EIN is 81-3572835.