Mission: "Marrow aims to empower teens to take ownership over their education, and to foster a community of youth who are visually, socially, and culturally literate."


Marrow is a youth-centered community space, with a focus on education, the arts, and activism.

Marrow provides an environment for any young person to: 

  • Pursue learning in a self-directed way; through participation in and facilitation of workshops, classes, and other programming.

  • Use our drop-in hours to work independently, collaborate with others, take advantage of Marrow's supplies, or just hang out.

  • Gain a leadership position through our youth collective; building real world skills in a particular area of Marrow's operations.

  • Connect with passionate, honest, rad adults through mentorship and advising.

  • Exhibit, sell, and curate work in our shop and gallery space.

  • Book and perform at music, drag, and spoken arts events in our main space.

[E]mpress    photographed by    Raiyasha    at Marrow in 2017

[E]mpress photographed by Raiyasha at Marrow in 2017


"Marrow" is named after bone marrow; so it’s pronounced /ˈmerō/.
Bone marrow is where blood cells are produced, before traveling throughout the body and delivering oxygen (red blood cells), fighting infection (white blood cells), and stopping bleeding (platelets). Our hope is that Marrow can serve as a hub for youth to grow and strengthen, so they can go out into their communities and provide support, education, and mutual aid; like blood cells from marrow.

Contact: info@marrowpdx.org
Location: 7025 N. Lombard Street, Unit 100, Portland, OR 97203
Mailing address: Please inquire if needed.
Hours: Check out our calendar!

Marrow has been a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit since August 2016. Our EIN is 81-3572835.